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A Collection Beyond Compare

Simply stated, the Endless Summer® Collection offers the most extraordinary plants in the world. It’s a big promise and, fortunately, one that the plants can deliver upon. The collection began with a single plant — Endless Summer The Original. This hydrangea’s remarkable ability to bloom on both old and new wood caused a revolution.

This feature was then inherited by the next plant in the collection – Endless Summer Blushing Bride. This equally stunning hydrangea that featured white mopheads inspired thousands to march down the aisles of their local garden center. Now, the newest addition to the collection, Twist-n-Shout will be the talk of your next garden party.

We are now pleased to present the newest member of the collection, Twist-n-Shout, a reblooming lacecap hydrangea with periwinkle or lipstick pink blossoms.

Both of these plants are incredibly versatile and hardy – performing well all the way to zone 4. Check your zone here. As other plants are added to the Endless Summer Collection, great care will be taken to ensure that only the best, most breakthrough plants pass our rigid standards, before they are allowed to be part of the Endless Summer Collection.